Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Woman alleges conspiracy in Satish Kaushik’s death in Rs 15 crore dispute, Delhi Police denies unnatural death. hindi movie news – Usky News

ETimes brings to you an exclusive interview with late Satish Kaushik’s manager Santosh Rai in which the man who was with the ‘Mr India’ actor for 34 years gives an intimate, heartbreaking insight into his last moments. Santosh confirmed that Kaushik was suffering from shortness of breath and then passed away on the morning of 9 March. 15 crore controversy but ETimes has been able to confirm through Delhi Police and sources close to Kaushik’s family that there was no conspiracy in his death.

An unnamed woman claiming to be the wife of a Delhi-based businessman alleged in a news report by IANS that her husband killed Satish Kaushik over a dispute of Rs 15 crore. The woman has reportedly filed a complaint with the Delhi Police claiming that her husband had borrowed Rs 15 crore from Satish Kaushik a few years ago. At the party where Satish Kaushik was last spotted, her husband met Kaushik and the actor demanded Rs 15 crore back from the woman’s husband. Later, the businessman told the woman that he would have to kill Kaushik as he did not have the money to repay. The businessman claimed that he lost money during the pandemic.
ETimes contacted sources close to Delhi Police who ruled out the possibility of Kaushik’s unnatural death. The source also revealed that the complaint lodged by the woman with the Delhi Police could not be verified. But the source also said that a final verdict on this alleged complaint can be obtained today itself, when the police officers involved will be able to either confirm or deny the veracity of the complaint. Another IANS report quoted Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Rajeev Kumar as saying, “The local police is in touch with Kaushik’s family, who have not raised any doubts about his death. Inquiries done so far Nothing suspicious or foul play has been found.” has come on record. However, the police action is on.”

We were also able to speak to sources close to the Kaushik family, who said that claims of any foul play surrounding Satish Kaushik’s death were not true. The source said that Kaushik died of cardiac arrest and there was no foul play in his death.

Earlier yesterday, the Delhi Police also issued a statement that they had received the preliminary postmortem report and the cause of death was stated to be cardiac arrest due to coronary artery blockage associated with Coronary Artery Disease and the manner of death was revealed. To be natural


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