The NFL has released updated playoff picture after Week 12 of the 2022 season. The AFC is still leading with 4 teams.

By: Tarundeep Singh

AFC East

Miami Dolphins (8-3), 1st place 

The Dolphins beat the Texans on Sunday and still have a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Bills, who they will face in Buffalo next week.

Image - Dolphins Wire - USA Today

Buffalo Bills (8-3), 2nd place 

The Bills kept pace with the Dolphins in their division, while beating the Lions on Thanksgiving. They will face the Patriots on Thursday night.

Image - Yahoo Sports

New York Jets (7-4), 3rd place 

The Jets got a needed offensive spark from Mike White and Zonovan Knight and are now in decent playoff position.

Image - Gang Green Nation

New England Patriots (6-5), last place 

Image - Pats Pulpit

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (9-2), 1st place 

The Chiefs are in control of their division and are focused on securing a first-round bye and home-field advantage in the playoffs.

Image - Arrowhead Pride

Los Angeles Chargers (6-5), 2nd place 

The Patriots lost to the Vikings, which means that the Chargers can move past them and into a playoff spot.

Image - Oregon Live

Las Vegas Raiders (4-7), 3rd place 

Image - Arrowhead Addict

Denver Broncos (3-8), last place 

Image - Mile High Report

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens (7-4), 1st place 

The Ravens have to work harder than they did in Jacksonville with Lamar Jackson as the quarterback, but their defense drops another late game lead and now the Ravens' division lead over the Bengals is tied from Week 5.

Image -

Cincinnati Bengals (7-4), 2nd place 

The Bengals are in a tight race for the playoffs, and they bouncing back from a loss to the Ravens with a win over the Titans is helping them stay in contention.

Image - Cincinnati Enquirer

Cleveland Browns (4-7), 3rd place 

Image - NBC News

Pittsburgh Steelers (4-7), last place 

Image - Sharp Football Analysis

AFC South

Tennessee Titans (7-4), 1st place 

The Titans lost their home game to the Bengals but still win the AFC South, so getting any higher in the conference looks like a challenge. However, they have a conference-record tiebreaker over the Ravens.

Image -

Indianapolis Colts (4-7-1), 2nd place 

Image - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7), 3rd place 

Image - Chron

Houston Texans (1-9-1), last place 

Image - DraftKings Nation

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