Drew Brees was not struck by lightning

Image -Canal Street Chronicles

By :Tarundeep Singh

Friday morning, Rafael Hernandez tweeted that former Purdue and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was struck by lightning while filming a promotional video in Venezuela.

Image -Sports Illustrated

Multiple media reports state that Brees is okay, even though it looked like he had been struck by lightning.

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ESPN Saints reporter Kat Terrell tweeted last night is that she texted Drew Brees and he says he didn't get struck by lightning.

Football tweeted, "He's fine", in reference to Brees.

Drew Brees tweeted to his fans this week and said that he was flying to a top-secret location to shoot a promotional video.

Points Bet tweeted: "We are aware of media coverage about our brand ambassador Drew Brees. We have been in communication with his people, and will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds."

Hernandez said in his tweet that Brees was in Catatumbo. It's a river in Venezuela that is known for a phenomenon called Catatumbo lightning.

According to tripsavvy.com, this phenomenon produces storm clouds 150 nights per year for up to 9 hours per day with lightning flashing 28 times per minute.

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