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Viral composer Yashraj Mukhate: Getting recognition from AR Rahman is inspiration enough for a lifetime – Exclusive | hindi movie news – Usky News

Yash Raj Mukhate is known for his hilarious compositions like ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’, ‘Pavari Ho Rahi Hai’, ‘Tauda Kutta Tommy’ and ‘Biggini Shoot’ which never fails to go viral on the internet. Acclaimed composers like AR Rahman, Vishal Bhardwaj, Amit Trivedi and Vishal Dadlani have praised him. Now, the young musician is all set to follow in the footsteps of his idols and become a full-time music composer in Bollywood. In a freewheeling chat with ETimes, Yash Raj talks about his instant fame on social media, his love for music, recent choice of originals and much more. Part…
When and how did you get the music bug?

It was at the age of three when my father gave me a small keyboard.

Have you learned music professionally from anyone?
no not really. However, I had always seen my dad perform and play keyboards so I just picked it up from there.

You became a social media sensation overnight with the remix video of ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’. did you guess it?

Absolutely not! No one had any idea that he would put up a 40 second video that would change his life. It was unbelievable to me. At one point, I thought it was something wrong with Instagram and that it would all go away once the app was updated.

How did your parents react?

They were the happiest and generally very amused by the internet. It was an absolute pleasure to see him reading the comments of celebrities on my posts.

With all the love and popularity, have you felt the pressure to keep it up?

Yes. This was one of a series of videos that performed brilliantly in terms of the number of views. But before I put down each piece, I had this pressure to do it better than the last one. I still have it. And pressure is good because it helps me to innovate.

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You also got the opportunity to collaborate with Vishal and Rekha Bhardwaj on an a cappella track, ‘Insaaf’. What has been your experience?

I’ve always wanted to do a cover of that song. The tune itself is so beautiful. I was very happy when Vishal sir agreed to this collaboration. ‘Yeh to mera bhi bada favorite gaana hai’, he said. And it was he who suggested that Rekha ma’am could sing the lead part. And he put so much life into the track that it elevated everything. This is one of the content pieces I am most proud of.

Is there anyone from the Hindi film music industry who you look up to?

I am most inspired by Amit Trivedi sir and AR Rahman sir.

AR Rahman lauds you for breaking the rules of conventionality and making space for your art. how did it feel?

For me, that was the tipping point of getting validation. It comes from the legend itself. It was enough inspiration for a lifetime.

Of all the rap videos you’ve made, which one remains your favorite and why?

I love ‘Bigini Shoot’ because I made that tune a proper sad/breakup song. So if you take away the dialogues from it, it is a tune that can be turned into a song anytime. It’s a track I still go back and listen to even without the dialogue.

Recently, Vishal Dadlani reacted to your ‘Jhoom Jo Pathan’ video. What was your fans’ reaction and what was your reaction to that?

After watching ‘Pathan’, I started enjoying singing even more. And I just spontaneously added another chord to the track and it turned out really well. I was pretty sure the musicians would love it too. And they did! I am very happy to see Vishal sir’s comment. Direct verification from the manufacturers is always encouraging.

You mentioned in one of your earlier interviews that you don’t want to be known as someone who just makes catchy tunes. Do you aspire to become a full time music composer for films?

Yes of course. In fact, I spent the last month trying to understand how composition works. I am already working on some original songs so that people know me not only as a person with short rap videos but also as someone who can make good full-length songs.

Out of all the Bollywood celebrities who have praised your work, which is the best compliment you have received and from whom?

There are many. But the best has to be AR Rahman sir whom I mentioned above- it was a final recognition.

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Are there any recent originals in Bollywood that you absolutely adore?

I loved the whole album of ‘Kaala’. this is so beautiful!

What does 2023 hold for Yash Raj Mukhate?

I’ll definitely come out with some original, full-length singles. There will also be some very interesting collaborations with artists I have always admired.


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