Sunday, March 26, 2023

US President Joe Biden to host PM Modi’s state dinner this summer – Usky News

People familiar with the matter said US President Joe Biden plans to host Prime Minister Narendra Modi this summer.
formal state visit is a sign of depth US-India relations As the administration pursues policies and initiatives to free and open Indo-Pacific To counter what it sees as the growing threat posed by China.
People familiar said the White House is aiming to hold the state dinner in June, but the timing could slip. A spokesman for the National Security Council declined to comment.
India is hosting the Group of 20 leaders summit in New Delhi in September, where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Will be among the main topics of discussion. It is not yet clear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the gathering.
Biden is also expected to see PM Modi in Australia in May when they’ll call for quad summit With the leaders of Australia and Japan.
The dinner with PM Modi will be Biden’s third formal state visit and dinner after the one he hosted for French President Emmanuel Macron in December and one for South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol on April 26.
The US and India last month announced an Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies, a plan to share advanced defense and computing technology, including joint production of General Electric Co jet engines.
India has not been as vocal against it Putin’s war in Ukraine As America and its allies would like. The partnership on key technologies is intended to counter Russian influence in India by reducing New Delhi’s historical reliance on Moscow for military hardware, and China’s growing dominance, American political leaders from both parties have sought to strengthen ties with Modi.
“The Sino-Russia factor is real, but so is the idea of ​​building a deep, democratic ecosystem of high technology,” National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters previewing the partnership. “So, geopolitics doesn’t sit aside, but that’s not a comprehensive explanation of what’s at work here.”


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