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Throwback: Looking back at the drama between Sunny Deol and Subhash Ghai when Right or Wrong released 13 years ago. hindi movie news – Usky News

Neeraj Pathak’s Right or Wrong was important to Irrfan Khan as it was his first full-fledged commercial film. Irrfan was worried about how the audience would perceive him next to Sunny Deol, a complete mass entertainer.

Sunny had her own battles to fight with producer Subhash Ghai. Sunny Deol, all the way back in shape, played a cop who loses the power to walk in the first two reels. But the narration simply twists and turns through a series of unexpected twists and turns that lead the striking characters into a maze of intrigue and conspiracy. In fact, the screenplay is far better than its execution. And this is purely a comment of above average writing ability. The characters and their motivations lend themselves to the adventure-thriller-suspense of James Hadley Chase and Sidney Sheldon. Men are brave and heroic, clever and fearless. Despite being an adulterer, Deol is distinguished in his embrace of the unfaithful.

Here was a film that pushed the boundaries of morality. It did so in businesslike language without resorting to awkward situations and dialogues. For fans of Sunny Deol’s fist-friendly image, here’s the actor telling us that strength is sometimes a matter of holding back rather than letting it hang on.

Behind the scenes, Sunny Deol was very upset with the way Subhash Ghai and his production house Mukta Arts were marketing Right or Wrong.

In an interview after the film’s release, Sunny said, “It was always a good film. Mukta Arts hasn’t been fair to it. They promoted it like a small producer. For a big production house, they didn’t really do that.” Did.” Don’t know what to do with the film. It was all talk, talk and talk… There were so many meetings and so many plans. but nothing happened. I am fed up with all this empty talk. Now all I want is to work on projects with a clear action plan.”

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Sunny felt that Ghai was not interested in the film. “He didn’t believe in right or wrong. And he was surrounded by advisors who were constantly trying to divide and divide the film. Filmmaking can be a team effort. But you always have someone to provide input and advice.” Can’t have a team of people with … It only creates chaos and confusion. The film ultimately has to be approached from a man’s point of view. And that man is the director. ,

Apparently, Ghai didn’t let director Neeraj Pathak do his job. Sunny had said, “Ultimately his vision determines the final product. You have to let the director do his job. Fortunately or unfortunately, I am not the kind of person who interferes beyond a point.” I can’t sit and talk. I’m a man of action.”

Sunny alleged that the film was released at the wrong time. “He kept saying that he would release the film at the right time. Eventually he released it on the day the IPL matches started. How is this the right date? The truth is that he had lost interest in the film. But when he Conducted trials. People liked the film. Suddenly they decided to release it with haphazard promotion, at a time when I was shooting in Punjab. They were supposed to release first in December, then in January… What should I do? Wanted? Quit shooting and run around doing publicity (for right or wrong) when they wanted? All big talk. The world is full of big talkers.

Sunny sighs, “It’s a changed industry. Nothing goes on like before. Some films click, and that’s it. I’m not interested in any kind of politics. And directors… we need good directors.” There is a need. The directors we (the Deols) have given a break to run away after working with us. Everyone is in their own kind of cinema, not necessarily sensible cinema.”

On the other hand, Subhash Ghai reacted to Sunny’s allegations with restraint and logic. “Mukta Arts is the worldwide controller and distributor of True or False. We were not able to sell the film anywhere. There were no buyers. The set-up was not salable. Our job was to finance the production of the film and so we were the most insecure people in the project. Sunny saab’s reactions have to do with the way the film was received. Why didn’t he say all these things before release? I had visited Sunny’s house at least six times. We wanted were initially slated to release it on November 30. But the stars, and I’m not just talking about Sunny but Irrfan, Konkona and Isha Koppikar, haven’t had time to promote the film. As far as my interference goes As regards, director Neeraj Pathak himself came to me seeking advice. It was I who advised him to speed up the film. Is it a crime to give suggestions for a film where there are so many financial stakes? The film started when It was fast… The big tree was loaded with fruits. When it was released, the tree was dry. A The cast and crew received the fruits. We are part of the world of film. The financiers did not have money. We sold the entire overseas territory for Rs 20 lakh. We spent Rs 1.5 crore on publicity. But the actor was not available for publicity. Sunny said that she is very ashamed to do publicity. See how Shahrukh and Aamir promote their films. He holds the hand of his producers and takes them everywhere for the publicity of the film. Instead of promoting Right or Wrong, Sunny left for Punjab to shoot for his film. Please don’t blame Mukta Arts. Why is Sunny getting angry now? He is a good boy. But he is innocent about the changing marketing strategy of cinema. Sunny needs to get real.”


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