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Sushmita Sen’s cardiologist Dr Rajeev Bhagwat concludes: “She is blessed that she came at the right time and the right place” – Exclusive Interview | hindi movie news – Usky News

Sushmita Sen had suffered a heart attack last week. He was taken to Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai where he underwent angioplasty. Senior cardiologist Dr. Rajeev Bhagwat performed the operation.
ETimes got in touch with Dr Rajeev Bhagwat on Friday, 10 March to speak to him in detail. Dr. Bhagwat kindly accommodated us.
Here is the conversation which is very enlightening for all:

Sushmita Sen’s Instagram post sent a message: “Ladies, heart attack is not a matter of men…”This is correct. Heart attack is no longer a matter of men. Today’s women have come forward to contribute to the society; It has taken up far more challenges and responsibilities than in the old days; She is managing work both in office and at home. He has changed his eating habits. This has increased their stress. And what are the other risk factors? Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco. And, of course the genetic factor comes into play. So, overall the landscape for a healthy heart for women is still great, but the challenges of the modern world don’t make it as attractive as it used to be.
What can help a person is living an active physical life. He can then better tolerate stress and tension and come out a winner from such events.
As Sushmita said…
Yes. Her high physical activity really helped ensure that the damage was limited. That’s the biggest takeaway from Sushmita’s episode: Be physically active.
Also, it is important to underline here that exercise should not exceed 3 to 4 days a week; This doesn’t have to be on a daily basis, give the body time to recover from the stress of exercise. I’m certainly not advocating that one needs to push themselves as much as they are out to be a physical trainer. Continuous exercise without rest and adequate sleep may not cool down the hormone levels and is a big risk.
We should give another message that we should not sleep at two in the night and not go to the gym or do vigorous jogging at six in the morning. Many youths are doing this. That’s why you see they went to gym and died, they went for jogging and died. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary before hitting the gym, but definitely not just 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Gymming is not a fashion, it should be a healthy activity. Excessive gymming can be a disaster.
If and when a heart attack occurs, one should go to a hospital that has good facilities for angiography and angioplasty.

Did Sushmita ignore any warning signs?
It’s hard to say, but we say: Sushmita is blessed to have come at the right time and the right place.

How have she and you managed to keep a low profile?
Well, that’s how it should be. That is the beauty of this episode. So it all went very smoothly.
There is an epidemic of abdominal obesity in the world. Insulin gets concentrated in the stomach area. This fat is the storehouse of insulin; Insulin is not available to the rest of the body. This is the beginning of danger. But still in India, many people do not know that they are diabetic, they do not know that their cholesterol level is higher than normal. There has been improvement in diagnosis but we still have a long way to go not only in diagnosis but also in the level of awareness.
We hear, youth are consuming over the counter protein powders and it is causing heart attacks…
People who are taking these supplements should take medical advice before taking them. His checkup will decide whether he needs such things or not.
I would like to add here that if one of your parents has diabetes, you are at an increased risk of developing diabetes.
Lack of sleep and Vitamin D deficiency are two other reasons due to which the cases of diabetes are increasing so rapidly.
Vitamin D Deficiency?
Yes, it is a big trigger of getting diabetes. And you must get vitamin D from sunlight; This is the most natural way to do this. I do not recommend taking very high calcium and vitamin D supplements unless taken under medical supervision.
Coming back to the sunlight, it is not healthy that we have changed our surroundings so much that we are constantly living in glass houses and traveling in closed cars and taxis because we want to keep the air-conditioner on. And remember, supplementing with vitamin D will not reverse diabetes.


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