Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Sonali Kulkarni gets massive support from netizens after she apologizes for her ‘lazy women’ remark: Never bow down to the crowd hindi movie news – Usky News

A few days ago, Sonali Kulkarni created waves on social media with her strong statement that a lot of women in India are lazy and want a boyfriend or husband who has a great job, a house and assurance of regular increment. , While many appreciated the actress for speaking the truth, some felt bad as well.
Responding to the positive and negative response she has been receiving on social media, Sonali on Sunday wrote an apology letter for her remarks to those who were hurt by her statement. However, netizens extended their support to Sonali and told her that she doesn’t need to feel sorry for anything.
“Sonali, thank you for not only speaking your mind but also the ground reality. It takes guts to do this in today’s world and it’s heartening to see you doing it. God bless!!” wrote a Twitter user. Another user said, “Never bow down to the mob! They see it as weakness. Nothing wrong with what he said.”

Followed by another Twitter user who commented, “What you said was right and you have maintained great restraint in this article as well. A stand was needed. All men are totally indebted to your words.”

Recently in an event, Sonali had said, ‘Many women in India are lazy. They want a boyfriend or husband who has a great job, who has a house and who is assured of a regular salary hike. In between, women forget to make a stand for themselves. Don’t know what women will do. I urge everyone to raise such women in their homes who are capable and can earn for themselves. Who can say that yes, we want a new fridge at home; You give half, I will pay half.”

Elaborating further, Sonali gave the example of her friend, “I have a friend. I won’t go into details, but she was looking for a boy to marry. She said she was looking for someone who would not want to marry someone who earns less than Rs. 50,000. And it would have been better if he had been alone; Who wants a fight about in-laws? And he must have a four wheeler. I asked him, ‘Have you been to a mall? Do you want a person or a proposal?’ It’s very humiliating.”


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