Friday, March 24, 2023

Slovakia: Slovakia has agreed to give a fleet of Soviet warplanes to Ukraine – Usky News

Bratislava: SlovakiaThe U.S. government has approved plans to give Ukraine its fleet of 13 Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jets, meeting the Ukrainian government’s pleas for the warplanes to help defend against an invasion by Russia. became the second NATO member country to agree to ,
Prime Minister Eduard Heger On Friday announced the unanimous decision of his government. Slovakia grounded its fleet last year and no longer uses jets.
“Promises must be kept and when @ZelenskyyUa asked for more #weapons, including fighter jets, I said we would do our best,” Hager tweeted. #againstRussia.
Poland’s president said on Thursday that his country would give Ukraine about a dozen MiG-29 fighter jets. President andrej duda said on Thursday that Poland would hand over four Soviet-made warplanes in the coming days and others that needed servicing would be supplied later.
Poland and Slovakia both indicated they were prepared to hand over their planes, but would do so as part of a wider international coalition.
It is not clear whether other countries will also share their military aircraft. debate on providing non nato Member Ukraine began last year with military fighters, but NATO allies stalled, citing concerns about increasing the alliance’s role in the war.


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