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Siddharth Anand revealed why Shah Rukh Khan does not have religion in Pathan, in a way said ‘Amar, Akbar and Anthony’. hindi movie news – Usky News

Siddharth Anand’s magnum opus Pathan has broken all BO records to become one of the most successful films of all time. Now that most of the audience has seen the film, Siddharth recently opened up on a few details about it which the audience might be curious to know about.

Shahrukh Khan’s character Pathan is not shown to belong to any religion and that part of him is not highlighted. However, in one scene, Deepika asks him if he is a Muslim and Pathan replies that he was once abandoned in a movie theater and was named Pathan after saving some children in an Afghan village. . Pathan also said that he visits that village every year.

Opening up on the same, Siddharth said that for him (him, producer Aditya Chopra and writers Sridhar Raghavan and Abbas Tyrewala) Pathans were like ‘Amar, Akbar and Anthony’ with no specific emphasis on their religion. In an interview to Baradwaj Rangan for Galta Plus, the filmmaker said, “All four of us have the same belief system, and the same movies we grew up on, and believe in. We share it.”
He also shared that some details have been edited in the film but can still be seen in the OTT version. He added, “So, the fact that he doesn’t have a name, and that he met in a theater was actually called Navrang… It was edited, but you can watch it in the OTT version.. None of us look down.” This, none of us say it’s cheesy.

Pathan also stars John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia and Ashutosh Rana in key roles.

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