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Shraddha Kapoor’s fitness trainer reveals the actress’ secret regime for her sharp waist and toned bikini body Hindi Movie News – Usky News

Shraddha Kapoor left everyone breathless when she flaunted her svelte waist and toned bikini body in Luv Ranjan’s recently released film Tu Jhoothi ​​Main Makkar. Her fitness trainer and nutrition coach Mahek Nair, who has been training Shraddha for over a decade, has revealed the secret of the actress’ svelte physique.
She said Shraddha was always a lean girl and over the years they have been working together to build strength, stamina, mobility, flexibility and balance. To develop a hot and toned body, Shraddha was put on a specific workout regime and diet.

“We always start with five minutes of meditation to set the mind up for a great workout. This is followed by five minutes of foam-rolling, 10 minutes of static stretching and 10 minutes of mobility exercises. The last 25 minutes is a combination of strength . And gymnastics as well as an endurance workout. We end with five minutes of meditation to relax the body.” Mahek tells money control.

During the film’s international shoot schedule in Spain and Mauritius, Mahek said that he would train till 5.30 in the morning despite tight shooting and dance rehearsals. It was challenging to train in conditions of extreme heat which left him thirsty and out of breath. But they were successful in achieving their desired goal.

To keep things exciting for Shraddha, Mahek used various equipment like TRX, VIPR and mixed it with a combination of Bosu ball, Pilates, short explosive sprints, side runs, burpees, lunge walk and other forms of exercise . Shraddha also includes an hour or two of dance in her cardio workout.

Talking about Shraddha’s diet, Mahek said that the actress starts her day with poha, upma, kakdi chi bhakri, idli, dosa or porridge as she has turned vegetarian a few years back. Initially, it was difficult to keep Shraddha on a diet as she loves home-cooked food, especially daal, rice and pickles. She is one of them who makes healthy choices, plans her meals for the day in advance and does not stress over anything.

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β€œIn the first phase, where she did a lot of dancing and shooting in extreme heat for long hours, I put her on a diet with moderate carbs, proteins and fats. Some of the dishes included tofu steak with lots of vegetables, sprouts salad, beetroot and Paneer tikkis, sprouts and palak tikkis, gluten-free pasta with vegetables, etc. She was on a lot of fluids as it was very hot. Vegetable juices, amla, ginger and turmeric juices, BCAA (branched-chain amino acid) powdered supplement added to lemonade with mint to combat dehydration.”

She continued, “For the second phase, which included lots of beach views and where the stomach had to look lean without water retention, I incorporated high fiber, moderate protein, low carbs, and low fat meals. We Also followed 14- to 16-hour intermittent fasting during this phase.” He further added that he loves to eat cake and Vada Pav with green chillies is his real weakness.


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