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Scottish mother retrieves son’s remains from hospital after 48 years – Usky News

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LONDON: A Scottish mother who struggled for more than four decades to locate the remains of her dead child has finally found her son’s remains, as his body was found 48 years after his death, a media report said. the report said on Friday.
Lydia Reid, 74, of Edinburgh, Scotland, campaigned for years to find out what happened to her son after his death in 1975, as no human remains were found in his coffin, the BBC reports.
In September 2017, after a court ordered the exhumation of the grave, she learned that her child was not at the burial site.
Reid’s baby Gary was one week old when he died rhesus diseaseA condition in which antibodies in a pregnant woman’s blood destroy her baby’s blood cells.
Reid claimed that when he asked hospital When she went to see her son a few days after he died, she was shown a different child.
He also said that a post mortem An autopsy was performed on his son against his will.
Reid’s fears that her son’s organs had been removed for research were realized when she learned that her son’s organs had actually been removed for testing.
The Crown Office has now given permission for the organs and other body parts that were placed in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary To be handed over to Gary’s mother.
Reid has been a key figure in the Scottish campaign that exposed how hospitals illegally retained body parts from dead children for research.
The National Health Service in Scotland was forced to acknowledge the widespread practice following an investigation into organ retention at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.
As the BBC reports, it was found that around 6,000 organs and tissues were kept by Scottish hospitals between 1970 and 2000, many of them from children.
Reid, who is suffering from bowel cancer and admitted to Edinburgh’s Western General Hospital, still does not know what happened to the rest of Gary’s body.
She said, “I was desperate to have my son back and now I have it. It’s hard to put into words how I feel… Now I can bury him before I die, I feel very sad.” Feeling relieved.”
The report said that Reed said she would self-examine herself for 24 hours to attend her son’s funeral on Saturday.


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