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Satish Kaushik death case: Saanvi Malu’s lawyer says he has powerful evidence to prove his claim – Exclusive | hindi movie news – Usky News

The Delhi Police is in full swing probing Saanvi Maloo’s claim that Satish Kaushik was allegedly killed by her husband. While it was revealed yesterday that Saanvi had not turned up for questioning at the police station, her lawyer Rajendra Chhabra has exclusively revealed to ETimes that she is cooperating with the investigation.
Speaking to ETimes from Delhi, Chhabra revealed, “Yesterday afternoon, a Delhi Police team comprising an ACP and two senior inspectors sat down with Saanvi Malu for questioning. There is never smoke without fire.” We asked Chhabra about the reasons for the speculation that Saanvi Malu was not ready to give her statement to the police. The lawyer explained, “First of all, they appointed a tainted officer, Vijay Singh, to investigate what was done yesterday with Saanvi Maloo’s family. This is the same inspector who messed up and messed up the investigation earlier. So, immediately, he was replaced. Now Saanvi has some powerful evidence, which he is ready to hand over to the investigation team.

Ever since Saanvi has come out with allegations against her husband, critics and even Satish Kaushik’s family say there was no conspiracy in his death. But Chhabra tried to clear the air and said, “They were saying that there is no business relationship between Satish Kaushik and Vikas Maloo. But Saanvi has all the evidence, which clearly establishes that they have business relations.” relations. She has stated that she was a first degree witness to the exchange between her husband and Satish Kaushik. We cannot talk about the credibility of the statement alone.”
As a final input, Chhabra said, “The only thing is that the Delhi Police should conduct a fair investigation.”


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