Saturday, April 1, 2023

Russia’s war on Ukraine latest: War breaks out in Bakhmut – Usky News

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine’s future hinged on the outcome of fighting with Russia in the east, including in and around Bakhmut, with both sides describing the constant fighting in the small town as Russia making a bid to capture it. Winter campaign intensifies.
war crimes case
* In what would be the first international war crimes cases arising from Russia’s invasion, the International Criminal Court (ICC) could seek the arrest of Russian officials for forcibly deporting children from Ukraine and targeting civilian infrastructure , a source told Reuters.
* The source said the arrest warrant could include the crime of genocide, and was expected to come in the “short term” if the court’s prosecutor’s request at the Hague-based court is approved by a pre-trial judge. It was not clear which Russian officials the prosecutor might seek warrants for.
Russia strongly denies that its military has committed war crimes.
* Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to travel to Russia as early as next week to meet with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, people familiar with the matter said.
* The Wall Street Journal reported that Xi plans to hold talks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for the first time since Russia’s invasion. The newspaper cited people familiar with the matter as saying the call was likely to take place after Xi’s visit to Moscow next week. US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Ukraine has not confirmed the phone call.
* The Biden administration will allow Ukrainians who entered the United States at the Mexican border last year to renew their humanitarian status, giving them continued access to government benefits such as health insurance and food stamps.
* The United Nations on Monday reaffirmed its commitment to the Black Sea grain deal, saying its chief would do everything possible to preserve its “integrity” after Russia renewed it for a short period.
* Russia is suggesting renewing a deal allowing safe exports of grain from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, but only for 60 days, half the duration of the previous renewal, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin said on Monday.
* Experts say a patchwork of fixes and increased crop planting around the world to counter the war’s impact on global grain supplies is not enough to mitigate further risks of disruption.
* The situation in Bakhmut was difficult, the commander of the Ukrainian ground forces said, adding though that his troops were repelling all Russian attempts to capture it.
* Zelensky said Ukraine’s future depended on the outcome of fighting at key points in the country’s east.
* “It is very difficult in the East – very painful. We have to destroy the military power of the enemy. And we will destroy it,” Zelensky said in his nightly video address. (Compiled by Reuters editors)


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