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Recalling his time of crisis, Kapil Sharma said, ‘Thank God good people help in difficult times’. hindi movie news – Usky News

Kapil Sharma is satisfied with the response his new film Jwigato is getting. He takes comfort in the fact that this story of a common man has connected with the audience. He considers himself fortunate to have worked with Nandita Das on a story of pathos and catharsis that is close to his own struggles. The ace comedian also talked about his kids, family and continuing with The Kapil Sharma Show for as long as possible.

Have people responded well to your story of the common man in Zwigato?

This is our story. We have gone to different parts of the country and everywhere people are connected to the story.

How was it working with Nandita Das?

Befriended from day one. When Nandita ma’am came home, I kept asking myself why is she thinking of me in this role? It’s not that I don’t believe in myself as an actor. I have done theater and I have also done films in the past. When I met Nandita ma’am for the first time, it felt like I was meeting someone like myself.

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How did you feel?

We both are desi entertainers. The content of my shows reflects the kind of person I am. We became friends on the very first day we met. She came with full preparation. He narrated the script to me in detail. I learned a lot while doing this film.

Nandita directed Nawazuddin Siddiqui in two films. Did you feel that you would not be able to deliver the same level of intensity?

I had no doubt at all. He also chose Nawaz for this role. But there was a problem with their dates. It would not have been surprising if Nawaz Bhai was in the film. He is expected to be convincing in any role, whereas playing a delivery boy was shocking to me, although for me the role is not at all different. I have been through the worst and you have been with me through my toughest times. Thank god, good people are there when you are facing the time of crisis.

The Kapil Sharma Show has completed ten years now. What is the secret of its success?

When we started the show it was only for three months. Now ten years have passed. I don’t know why the audience doesn’t get bored with me. Don’t know is connected to a heart. People feel that I am one of them. It is the blessing of the one above. We are constantly thinking of new gags. But I don’t think too far ahead. It never works.

How long do you want the show to continue?

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As long as people shower their love on the show. I love doing shows. How many people in this world get to do what they love? Look at my character in Zweigato. Poor, working under compulsion.

How do you make sure you have enough time to spend with your wife and kids?

I do not attend parties nor do I like going out for social events. When I’m not working, I’m with my wife and kids. I only have three daily destinations: studio, office and home. Both my kids were born during COVID. So I got to spend all my time with him. Otherwise the kids grow up so quickly that we hardly get to spend time with them. Even now I like the company of my children. I don’t treat people who are too grown up.

Which of your two children are you closer to?

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I love them both very much. But the bonding between father and daughter is always a little special. My daughter is one year older than my son.

Does she feel insecure about her brother?

no way. She loves her brother very much. She loves her brother. I am surprised to see how sensitive she is towards her brother at such a young age. The look on her face melts my heart when she sees her brother.


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