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Ratna Pathak Shah is glad that ‘saddi hui formula films’ are no longer working: thankfully hindi movie news – Usky News

Veteran actress Ratna Pathak Shah is known for speaking her mind. She never fails to speak her mind when it comes to talking about burning topics. In his new interview, he shared his thoughts about the reshuffle in showbiz and said that he is glad that formulaic films are no longer working in the industry.
She said that it is a good time for all the actors irrespective of their age and gender. He also expressed his displeasure at the idea of ​​certain actors getting the spotlight, which ultimately puts the focus on the actor rather than the story. He doesn’t find this particular idea very interesting.

She further added that nowadays it has become easier for women of her age to find work in the industry. He also said that when stories are being written for actors, it gets limited by the personality of that actor and it does not give him a chance to challenge himself as an actor.
“All of a sudden, the world is interested in how you live your life. I love that shuffle. Will we continue like this? We’ll see. God knows. I hope so. But we’re moving in that direction.” Have gone and no one is going back Now again she will not narrate in films with old formula.

Last year, Ratna found himself at the receiving end of criticism when he called SS Rajamouli’s highly acclaimed blockbuster RRR a regressive film.

“Films like RRR are very popular today. But it is a regressive film. It looks backwards whereas we should be looking forward. We think whatever we are doing is good because we are the mother of democracy – India. We are part of it. Unless filmmakers see that their work is serious, we will have to watch films like RRR. But we don’t like criticism. Our egos get hurt, this environment is created by so many bigwigs and unfortunately, we have to accept it Have done,” she said at an event.

On the work front, Ratna will be seen in the comedy series Happy Family. It stars an ensemble cast that includes Raj Babbar, Atul Kulkarni, Ayesha Julka, Raunak Kamdar, Meenal Sahu, Sanah Kapoor and Ahan Sabu in key roles.

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