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Ranbir Kapoor says he is a chill dad while Alia Bhatt is an overstressed parent, reveals his feelings about holding Raah for the first time hindi movie news – Usky News

Ever since welcoming daughter Raha in November last year, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been enjoying their new parenthood. Recently, Ranbir said that he is a chill father while Alia is an overstressed parent. He also shared his feelings when he held his daughter for the first time.
On What Women Want, Kareena Kapoor Khan hypothetically tells Ranbir that if Raha gets a cold at school he might go completely insane because of the kind of person he has become after becoming a father.

Responding to Kareena’s talk, Ranbir said, ‘I think Alia is an overstressed parent. She is very stressed. So I have to calm down a bit. ‘Don’t do this or that, don’t meet people’. But I think the easier you go with it, a person gets used to it, and a person’s immunity also gets better with age. So I don’t think we should be overprotective. Then I think that the child will be harmed in the future. That’s why I’m kind of a chill dad.”

When Kareena asked Ranbir about his feelings when he first held Raha in the hospital, the actor replied, “I held her as she cut her navel, and that moment will remain as a huge core memory of mine.” ” Life. It was the moment of 7000 stars.

Ranbir also talked about his parenting style in comparison to his late father and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor and uncle Randhir Kapoor. “I think even with Papa and Dabboo uncle (Rishi and Randhir Kapoor), the kind of parenting style they had was a bit distant. They believed a lot in family values. They wanted the whole family to Always been together. They were strict. They were not on friendly terms. The family values ​​that he (Rishi Kapoor) instilled in me and my sister is something I want to pass on to Raha,” he said.


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