Friday, March 24, 2023

Putin: Putin says Russia is fighting for the existence of the state – Usky News

MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the very existence of Russia as a state is at stake in Ukraine.
In the observations of workers in an aviation factory, Putin repeated his familiar argument that the West was bent on isolating Russia.
“Therefore for us it is not a geopolitical task, but a task of survival of the Russian state, creating conditions for the future development of the country and our children,” he said.
Putin has accused Western countries of waging war against Russia and using Ukraine as a tool to inflict a “strategic defeat”. The United States and its allies say they are helping Ukraine defend itself against an imperial-style invasion that has destroyed Ukrainian cities, killed thousands of civilians and forced millions to flee their homes. but forced.
Responding to a question, Putin said he was worried about the economy when the West imposed unprecedented sanctions last year, but it turned out to be stronger than anyone thought.


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