Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Parliamentary panel for ‘automatic’ penalty on two-wheelers entering expressways | india news – Usky News

New Delhi: Concerned over the menace of two-wheelers plying illegally on expressways, a parliamentary panel has recommended the highways ministry to consider imposing fines on such violators “using automated systems”.
The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture made the recommendation amid instances of how a large number of two-wheelers and slow-moving vehicles are entering expressways and access-controlled highways, while these high-speed corridors But banned for a while. security reasons.
The committee took note of how two-wheelers accounted for nearly 41% of all road accidents in 2021. Driver. The panel may consider imposing penalties for two-wheelers plying on expressways using automated systems to improve effective enforcement, the panel said in its latest report submitted to Parliament.
The panel has also recommended the ministry to ensure proper signage, dividers and security grills at borders and lighting on highways in coordination with the concerned departments. “The ministry may ensure that high mast lights are installed at all junctions on national highways across the country,” the ministry said.
The Committee referred to the observation of United States Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which found that variable speed limits reduce crashes on freeways by 34%. It has recommended to the Ministry of Highways and NHAI To analyze the feasibility of variable speed limits on national highways in India on a pilot basis “since speed limits should also factor in ever-changing factors such as traffic congestion and visibility”.
Meanwhile, in a recent letter addressed to Union Road Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari, road safety network — a coalition of organizations working in road safety — has urged the government to reduce the set legal speed limit to “safe levels”. It said that addressing this single behavioral risk factor of ‘speed’ would help reduce the number of deaths immediately.
It has cited government reports on how over speeding was responsible for nearly 70% of the total deaths in road accidents in 2021. The ministry has raised the speed limit for cars to 120 kmph on expressways and 100 kmph on national highways. The minister also talked about the option of further revision of speed limits on NHs and expressways.


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