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How to Login into NCEdCloud ?

NCEdCloud is a platform that is consistent across all North Carolina public schools. A NCEdCloud student will access their account through the same login student UID (student ID#/username) of whether they are enrolled in a NC public school or not.

Students will access individual profile data and variety of apps via their NCEdCloud dashboard. The NCEDCloud apps commonly used by the students of PowerSchool and Canvas.

What is NCEdCloud ?

The NCEdCloud is creating a single-sign on portal for highly-used websites. Teachers and students will have one account across multiple sites and no need for multiple usernames or passwords. Each user will be able to sign into the site without getting lost.

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Claiming Your NCEdCloud Account

Students new to CMS from outside of NC must first claim their NCEdCloud account. If previously enrolled in a NC school and returning, the account does not need to be claimed again.

How to Claim Your NCEdCloud Account

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Following the Steps for Claim Your Account on NCEdCloud :-

Step 1: Enter or on search bar in your browser.

Step 2: Tab on Claim My Account

Step 3: Change LEA Employee Claim Policy to “LEA Student Claim Policy” and click Next

Step 4: Enter Account Claim information :

  • Enter your Student UID number
  • Enter your Grade Level [6-12]
  • Birthdate [YYYYMMDD]
  • Enter your 3-digit LEA / Charter School code (Ex. 011,111,01C,11C or click link to find code Lookup code)

After fill all details click on check box “I’m not a robot” then NEXT

Step 5: Password should be MPhs20xx (xx=Graduation Year)

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Step 6: Students answer at least 5 security questions

  • These questions will be used if a student forget or reset their password

Note: Do not Google the site–type the URL directly into the address bar and Do not Bookmark the site of any browsers.

How Students Access NCEdCloud

Enter directly into the address bar

  1. Then see the two option NCPDI or NCEdCloud -Choose NCEdCloud.
  2. Next enter Student USERNAME :student ID #
  3. Enter your PASSWORD :self-created

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Resetting Your NCEdCloud Password*

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See below for directions on how to access your NCEdCloud account if you have forgotten your password then Tab on “Password Reset” on create new one which you want. Or if student Forgot the USERNAME then on same web page see the “Forgot My Username” Tab on it and set your new username.

Only students themselves or a classroom teacher (student must be enrolled in a course with the teacher) can reset NCEdCloud passwords.

How to correctly Bookmark Access to the NCEdCloud IAM Service

If any student or teacher want to BOOKMARK the NCEdCloud IAM Service on PCs or Mobile then remember DO NOT bookmark the Login Screen where you enter your USERNAME and PASSWORD. Instead once you get to the Rapid Identity Portal (Dashboard Appearance with Application ) bookmark that page.

For more information about the how to escalate NCEdCloud IAM Service regarding some technical issue then go to or need have some question which answers not find in this blog then go to

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