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Naatu Naatu wins Oscar for Best Lyrics: Ram Charan and Jr NTR have an epic reaction on MM Keeravani and Chandrabose’s big win – Watch | hindi movie news – Usky News

MM Keeravani brought India into limelight again after his historic Oscar win for his peppy song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’. The music was composed by Keeravani and lyrics by Chandrabose who was also present at the award show to receive the trophy.
While fans can’t forget Keeravani’s first-of-its-kind musical acceptance speech to the tune of ‘Top of the World’ by The Carpenters, Upasana Kamineni Konidela took it upon herself to show fans a BTS glimpse of Ram Charan and Jr. NTR’s hilarious reaction on big win

The lead cast of the superhit Telugu film enjoyed watching the entire award ceremony from their front row balcony seats. Thanks to Upasana, fans got a chance to see the two stars hugging and blowing kisses as Keeravani and Chandrabose stepped on stage to accept their award. “We Won” she captioned the video she posted on her Instagram stories.

Upasana also quipped that she was the woman who screamed in the audience when ‘Naatu Naatu’ was announced as the winner.

Meanwhile, backstage, Keeravani addressed the media and said, “This is the beginning of everything.”

“For the world, especially the western world, people are more on Indian and Asian music. It is just long overdue. I am very happy to open doors and the world to embrace my culture.”

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“Naatu Naatu” is the first song from an Indian film to earn a nomination and win in the Best Original Song category.

Keeravani amused the Oscars audience by saying that he grew up listening to The Carpenters and then began singing his acceptance speech with the lyrics, “‘RRR’ has to win / The pride of every Indian.”

‘Naatu Naatu’ with its catchy tune and accompanying choreography is one of the most memorable scenes from the Telugu language action epic ‘RRR’. The song has become a viral sensation outside of film, garnering over 122 million views on YouTube and inspiring a TikTok challenge where users attempt to recreate the acrobatic dance-off.

Chandrabose said he was looking forward to showing the trophy to his wife and children. He talked about the challenges of writing lyrics in a 56-letter language.

“Our language has a lot of words, expressions, a lot of emotion,” he said backstage. “Very great language and very literary language. Very musical language. If you write all this down, it will sound like music. … People like you like the song, it means that this kind of music and sound It makes it all possible.”

In a recent interview, Keeravani said that she felt compelled to use the platform of the Oscars to highlight other artistes from India.

He said, “It is important so that more and more music and talented artistes from my country get a chance to get this kind of recognition, so that the world can embrace Indian music more than ever.”

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Other Best Original Song nominees were Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up”, a song she collaborated with Thames, director Ryan Coogler and composer Ludwig Goransson; Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand” with Bloodpop, Diane Warren’s “Tell It Like a Woman” and “This Is a Life” from “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” The latter track was composed by Mitsky, David Byrne and Ryan Lott. Joe was also nominated for Best Original Score with his band Son Lux.


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