Sunday, March 26, 2023

Malaika Arora says she is proud that she and ex-husband Arbaaz Khan co-exist, believes they are ‘better human beings’ today hindi movie news – Usky News

After being married to Arbaaz Khan for almost 19 years, Malaika Arora parted ways with Arbaaz Khan in 2017. But they stay there for each other and connect because of their son Arhaan. Recently, Malaika spoke about her changing equation with her ex-husband.
She said that co-parenting is always difficult because they are not on the same page about a lot of things, especially when they are in their separate ways. But the good thing is that both Arbaaz and she are better people today, Malaika said at the India Conclave event. So, they take pride in the fact that they can co-exist without losing love and give their child all the attention it deserves.

Malaika further revealed that no matter what happens, they are together as ‘one unit’ for their son Arhaan and that is what matters. In his show ‘Moving In With Malaika’, he revealed what went wrong in their marriage. “I was very young. I changed too. I wanted different things in life. And we both just drifted apart,” Malaika said.
Recently she met with an accident and Malaika revealed that when she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Arbaaz. Hence, they are always there for each other because of their son Arhaan. While Malaika is currently dating Arjun Kapoor, Arbaaz is in a relationship with Giorgia Andriani.


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