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Malaika Arora furious over fans coming too close to click selfies, netizens say, ‘they treat public like untouchables’ | hindi movie news – Usky News

Malaika Arora was spotted outside the Mumbai airport on Thursday. They were hailed by paparazzi and fans for clicking their pictures. However, Malaika got annoyed when fans got too close to click selfies with her.
In the pictures and videos, Malaika can be seen getting uncomfortable when fans get too close to her while clicking pictures. She was seen wearing a black crop top paired with a matching leather jacket and jeans.

At one point, Malaika angrily looked at a fan, raised her hand and said in a stern voice, ‘Take it easy’ and walked away from the crowd. But it was not so. Malaika was irked when a female fan leaned towards her to click her picture. The diva gave a serious look to the fan before walking away from her.

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Netizens were really not happy with Malaika’s behavior towards her fans. They began to drive him out saying, ‘They treat the public like untouchables.’ Many believed that the audience had made him a star and now these celebrities could not even pose for pictures with him.



This is not the first time that fans have grown close to Bollywood stars. Recently, a female fan grabbed Ranbir’s face while he was taking selfies with fans. Earlier also Aditya Roy Kapur handled a situation gracefully when a female fan tried to kiss him after clicking pictures with him.

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