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L’Oreal: L’Oreal expects India to be its third largest talent market – Usky News

Mumbai: India has emerged as a talent hub for L’Oreal. In fact, the country has the potential to rank among the top three talent markets for the global beauty giant.
Elevation of Vismay Sharma as President, South Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa (SAPMENA) and asmita dubey In recent years as chief digital and marketing officer, he is said to have gotten the ball rolling. The promotion comes as L’Oréal prioritizes the development of Indian talent. In an exclusive chat with TOI, L’Oreal Global VP Talent Acquisition, Michael Kinelsaid, “We already have very talented Indians in our organization. L’Oréal Group has the potential to be among the top three talent hubs in India in the years to come. We look forward to serving as a talent hub for the group in the years to come. I will make India even more capable and take advantage of it.
Globally, India stands at the ninth position in terms of number of permanent appointments in 2022. But in the SAPMENA zone, India is in a leading position. About 180 (3%) of L’Oreal’s key positions (including strategic, global and local key positions) are held by Indians.
While the US and China as a whole are larger in terms of recruitment numbers and business size, L’Oréal India plans to bring new product divisions here in addition to the existing consumer products division, professional products division and luxury. This is expected to increase its requirements in terms of recruitments.
“L’Oreal has a very diverse approach to talent. We have talent all over the world. But when I look at the potential of a country like India and when I look at where our future talent will come from, I think India is definitely in the top three.” He added that with India becoming more globally attractive for its talent, L’Oréal’s priority within the group is to develop Indian talent.


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