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Looking back, why Sujoy Ghosh felt ‘hurt’ after the story. hindi movie news – Usky News

Kahaani is one of those rare films that can easily claim to be a game-changer. And yet the narrative makes no claims. The protagonist’s destiny is drawn out in a breathless sweep of impromptu epilogue, which unfold as if God had written Vidya Bagchi’s script.
Vidya Balan is very beautiful. Playing the role of Vidya Bagchi, an NRI who is heavily pregnant in Kolkata and extremely distraught over the disappearance of her husband, Vidya does not hit a single false note throughout the graph of her character’s fascinating journey.

Talking about the story of what Sholay is for Ramesh Sippy’s career, Sujoy Ghosh said, “Look, everyone expects me to make a story. It is like a child in the family gets all the attention. Hey, I have to give equal attention to all my kids. I am equally proud of all my films.”

Ghosh was devastated when Vidya turned down her next film after ‘Kahaani’. Ghosh had said, “It was unexpected. And I was disappointed. But it was not Vidya’s fault. We all have unreasonable expectations from those we love. And then, when they fail to meet these inflated expectations, We are hurt when we are unable. It is not fair to us or those we love and expect to live up to our expectations. Even if she is your wife you will meet her at the table every day Why would you expect to eat your food?”

So what? Sujoy explained, “When I narrated a script to Vidya, she told me not to call it ‘Kahaani 2’. She felt it was not at all in that genre. She was completely right. But I felt sad.”


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