Friday, March 31, 2023

Lineker: BBC wants to end tweet row, brings Lineker back – Usky News

London: The BBC A truce was called on Monday in his showdown with sports commentator Gary Lineker, which overturned the former football great’s suspension for a tweet criticizing the UK government’s controversial new migration policy.
It has been a week of chaos and crisis for the publicly funded national broadcaster, which faced a huge backlash after one of its most famous hosts was sidelined because he expressed a political opinion. BBC Director General Tim Davey said, “Gary is an important part of the BBC and I know how much the BBC means to Gary, and I look forward to presenting our coverage this coming weekend.” Lineker, 62, said he was “glad we found a way forward.”
The uproar was sparked by a plan announced last week by Britain’s Conservative government to try to stop thousands of migrants arriving in the country in small boats across the English Channel. A new bill would bar asylum claims by anyone arriving in the UK through unauthorized means and force the government to detain and deport them to “their home country or a safe third country”. ,
The law has been condemned by refugee groups and the United Nations, and the government believes it may violate international law.
Lineker, one of England’s most admired players and the corporation’s highest-paid television presenter, was suspended after he took to Twitter to describe the plan as “extremely cruel” and the government’s language as being “inspired by Germany in the 30s”. No different from the language used”. The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail, two right-wing newspapers long critical of the BBC, expressed outrage at what they described in headlines as Lineker’s “Nazi” remarks, although he did not use the word.


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