Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Kareena Kapoor Khan tells Saif Ali Khan that she wants their kids Taimur and Jeh to grow up to be just kind human beings Hindi Movie News – Usky News

Kareena Kapoor Khan is back with her new show ‘What Women Want’. The actress plays the role of a host on it and discusses various topics on her show with various guests revolving around women and the stereotypes present in the society at large. The actress, who has completed 22 years in the industry, says she cannot be anything other than an actress.
Kareena has said in many interviews that she did not try to become a lawyer but went to law college for only 5 days. She further said in an interview with Film Companion that she cannot imagine herself not being in front of the camera. The actress also opened up about the pressures of raising two kids in the same interview. Kareena finds it difficult to deal with her son Jeh’s ‘terrible couplets’. Jeh is shouting all the time, every morning and evening and the actress has to do walking yoga around the house. The actress added that Jeh was shouting randomly and said ‘we know what women want, but we don’t know what kids want.’

The mother that she is, Kareena does not like to follow any blueprint plan as there is too much pressure and free will. So, she only tells Saif that she wants her boys to be kind because kindness is forgotten in today’s world. She prays that they become kind and good people. While Kareena loves being an actress and cannot imagine herself doing anything else, she is also a practical homemaker. Bebo admitted in the same interview that everything is her department at home – from her kids’ play dates to what will be made at home. As much as she loves being a star, she also loves managing the house and all that is a part of it. He likes to clean the table or put things on the table when there are guests in the house.
As a family, the Pataudis enjoy togetherness and that is priceless. Kareena said that when Saif is cooking, the kids have to come to the kitchen to watch him. The idea of ​​just watching and being together instead of going to Disneyland is precious to the family.
Saif and Kareena are currently on Africa vacation with their kids.


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