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Kapil Sharma was offered 9 films after the trailer release of ‘Zwigato’ and here’s how he responded! , hindi movie news – Usky News

Kapil Sharma aims to present a completely different persona with his upcoming release ‘Jwigato’. The comedian who makes everyone laugh with his witty words will surely leave you heartbroken with his portrayal of a hapless food delivery rider.
The trailer of ‘Jwigato’ impressed many and Kapil was flooded with offers. The actor revealed that he was offered 9 films in which he had to play ‘serious’ roles and joked that the writers of these were ‘not serious about their work’. Sharing his reaction to the many offers, Kapil told News18 that he only wants to do films that touch his heart and doesn’t want to do films just to earn money, joking, “I have done a lot of films. Earned. I am very rich.’

Director Nandita Das recently talked about casting Kapil Sharma in the film and said, “I didn’t see Kapil Sharma’s show, so I didn’t know much about him. But one day my eyes fell on a video of Kapil which was from an award show. When I saw that clip, I felt that he is like a common man. Their languages ​​and gestures speak of the mannerisms of a common man.”
‘Zwigato’ traces the journey of a middle-class man who loses his job during the pandemic and takes up a job as a food delivery agent. He and his wife, played by Shahana, work hard to make ends meet. ‘Zwigato’ will hit the screens on March 17.


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