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‘Kaagaz 2’ star Smriti Kalra messaged Satish Kaushik two days before her death; It is said that he was a complete school in himself. hindi movie news – Usky News

Smriti Kalra, who is a part of Satish Kaushik’s upcoming film ‘Kaagaz 2’ recently sent a message to the late actor-director two days before he passed away due to a heart attack.
Smriti reveals that Satish recently saw one of her commercials and texted her to compliment her. According to him, he was one of those people who celebrated and encouraged the success of others. The actress said that his last message was that she will always make him proud.

Smriti further talked about being directed by a well-known director in ‘Kaagaz 2’. The actress added that Kaushik had childlike enthusiasm and was passionate about work, even at this age… even after spending so many years in the industry. He also said that the passion he had for work really took a toll on you. The way he used to say ‘action’ before every take, he used to fill everyone with the same enthusiasm to work for the day. His energy was infectious, Smriti told Hindustan Times.

The actress said that she is very lucky that he directed her in ‘Kaagaz 2’. According to him, he was a complete school in himself. He also revealed that the late actor-director had many plans related to the release of his ambitious film ‘Kaagaz 2’.

Talking about the kind of impact Kaushik left behind, Smriti said that she is still in a state of shock and it is difficult to talk about him in past tense. The actress said that she never thought that his death would affect her so much. According to him, we all have many friends in life, but there are very few who encourage you at every step. Her faith in him assured her that she was on the right track.


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