Sunday, March 26, 2023

Iran: US blacklists Chinese firms supplying drone parts to Iran – Usky News

Washington: The US on Thursday blacklisted five Chinese companies that supplied equipment to Iran’s drone makers.
America treasury Indirectly linked Chinese companies to Russian attacks in Ukraine and Iranian attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf region, both using Shahid-136 unmanned aerial vehicles made by Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company Did.he is a,
The sanctioned companies include Chinese companies in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guilin and Hong Kong that have shipped light engines and other drone components to HESA, which is controlled by Iran’s defense ministry, according to Treasury, which said.
The companies are responsible for the sale and shipment of “thousands of aerospace components, including components that can be used uav application,” to HESA, the Treasury said in a statement.
“Iran is directly involved in Ukrainian civilian casualties resulting from Russia’s use of Iranian UAVs in Ukraine,” the Under Secretary of the Treasury said. Brian Nelson,
In a separate sanctions action, the Treasury placed 39 firms and entities in Iran, Hong Kong, China, Dubai and elsewhere on its blacklist for helping Iran sell petrochemicals internationally in violation of sanctions on Tehran.
The US sanctions aim to prevent the listed people from accessing international markets and financial services by freezing their assets under US jurisdiction and restricting any US.


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