Friday, March 24, 2023

Hilarie Burton opens up about sexual harassment by her former boss on the set of One Tree Hill | English Movie News – Usky News

Hilarie Burton, one of the stars of the teen drama, One Tree Hill, was once grabbed at a bar by the show’s producer, Mark Schwan, in the presence of several other people. One of his co-stars, Chad Michael Murray, who happened to be there, immediately went over to Mark and confronted him with a brief, “What are you doing?”
She was telling her story on a podcast show of Drama Queens in the presence of her other former co-stars from the show, Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz. She told how she appreciated Chad Murray confronting his boss in her defense.
She said that Chad knew Boss hated him anyway, so he didn’t hesitate to go up to Boss in Hilary’s defense. Hilary also said that in such a situation few would target the boss, especially if they had a lot at stake. Sophia added that Chad Murray was number one on the show and based on that position, she probably felt empowered to take on the boss.

Her boss on the One Tree Hill set, Mark Schwan, was later fired from the set of The Royals in 2017 after another TV writer, Audrey Wauchope, also accused him of sexual harassment on set. Soon, the cast of One Tree Hill, including Burton and Bush, joined Audrey in writing a common open letter, signed by all of them, accusing Schwan of sexual harassment.


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