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Hansika Motwani asked the priest Sohail Kathuria to keep a fast with her on Karva Chauth. hindi movie news – Usky News

Hansika Motwani had announced her engagement with Sohail Kathuria in November last year and they got married in December at the Mundota Fort & Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan. However, Hansika had placed a condition on Sohail when they were taking their wedding vows.
In the latest episode of Hansika’s web series, ‘Love Shaadi Drama’, Hansika and Sohail were seen cracking some funny jokes while the priest talks to them about their wedding vows.

When the priest said to Hansika, “You should observe the fast that Gaudri Devi did. For example, Karwa Chauth is a popular festival of Punjabis…” The actress interrupted him and replied, ” I have one condition. She should also fast with me. As the crowd started cheering for Hansika, Sohail said, “I accept it.”

Moving on to the next promise, the priest tells Sohail that if he decides to go abroad for any reason, he will have to take Hansika’s permission. Hearing this, Hansika laughed and said that he had taken her too. The priest then told Sohail that he had to eat at home and asked if he agreed to these conditions. And he replied, “Of course.”

Later Hansika talks about the wedding moment. “We’ve both been through a lot individually as a couple and we’ve dreamed of this. I’m heartbroken.


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