Sunday, March 26, 2023

Coal India: Coal India to increase supply to power plants as heat wave looms – Usky News

New Delhi: Coal India Ltd, which accounts for about four-fifths of the country’s production of the fuel, is aiming to boost supplies as unusually hot weather drives power plants this summer. Electricity demand.
The company said in a statement on Tuesday that the state-run miner is increasing coal production at its mines and building reserves this month to meet supply commitments.
India’s electricity consumption set to boom with weather officials predicting another round of scorching heat heat waves, which could put the power system under severe stress and endanger the food supply. The country experienced its warmest February in more than a century last month, sending electricity demand near record highs. Peak power demand is expected to reach a new high in April.
“We are fully aware of the importance of meeting the increase in demand,” the company said in its statement.
Coal India’s preparations come after a power crunch last summer when blackouts were witnessed in several parts of the country. Record-breaking high temperatures and a post-pandemic boom in industrial production fueled electricity demand. Russia’s war in Ukraine has added to the problems, pushing seabed coal prices to an all-time high and forcing Indian consumers to compete for already depleted domestic supplies.
Fossil fuel plays a major role in India’s electricity generation as it helps produce about 70% of the country’s electricity needs. Domestic supply often fails to keep pace with high demand due to factors including an inadequate railway network, the most preferred mode of transport for coal users.
Coal stockpiles at power stations are expected to reach 32 million tonnes by the end of this month, well short of the government’s target of 45 million tonnes.
Coal India plans to increase inventory at its mines to 68 million tonnes by the end of this month and aims to supply 610 million tonnes to grid-connected power producers in the 12 months from April. The manufacturer is seeking to transport 585 MT to power stations in the current fiscal.


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