Monday, March 27, 2023

Bar Council’s move for openness comes with ‘reciprocity’ rider – Usky News

New Delhi: The Bar Council of IndiaThe decision to allow limited opening will come with a significant rider or reciprocal In the home country of the lawyer or firm, which will be examined every time an application is filed in India.
A government source said that while countries like the UK allow Indian law firms to operate, some states in the US have not opened their doors. The objective of the application review process in each case is to ensure that any rule change or decision of a foreign government to restrict or bar access to Indian entities can be used to deal with the situation on a “dynamic basis”. “It will be up to the foreign firms or lawyers to prove that reciprocity exists,” said an official familiar with the discussions.
for government, opening legal Services business has been a suggestion for foreign players for a long time, which it did not want to pursue. The Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Law, who have worked together, believe that auditing and accounting is a huge opportunity for Indian professionals, just like architects, doctors and nurses. Professions such as auditors have insisted on reciprocity in allowing foreign professionals to work in the country, although many firms have entered through the backdoor.
The decision is designed in such a way that the interests of Indian lawyers are not compromised while helping multinational entities to access the services of professionals in India to meet their requirements for intellectual property rights and mergers and acquisitions related activities. Has been done
“This is a pragmatic start as only advisory and non-litigation activity is permitted at this point of time,” said an official, adding that it could provide a further boost to India’s growing service exports in the coming years.


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