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Bangladeshi actor Shakib Khan flees the country amid sexual harassment allegations – Usky News

In a shocking turn of events, Bangladeshi actor Shakib Khan, who has also featured in several Tollywood films, has been accused of sexually assaulting and misbehaving with a film crew. Recently a letter was sent to the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association accusing actor Shakib Khan of breach of contract, unprofessional and unethical behavior towards the members of the film he has already signed.
The popular Bangladeshi actor has also been accused of raping a co-producer in a hotel room and as per reports, the victim has also suffered serious injuries.

The letter further claimed that when Shakib Khan returned in 2018, he had already been detained in Australia in a rape case. However, the victim did not come forward at that time, so Australian law enforcement could not take any further action.
Rahmat Ullah, the producer of Shakib Khan’s 2017 film ‘Operation Agneepath’, has once again filed a complaint and the film has been received by the Artistes’ Association. The complaint read: “In 2017, Shakib went to Australia to work on the film but had not finished the production yet. As Shakib Khan is a superstar, we expected professionalism from him. However, till date he has The job isn’t done.” movie.”

The producer mentioned more details about the incidents in which Shakib acted in a dishonest and unethical manner.

Take a look at the allegations against the actor here:

canceling shoots without prior notice despite preparations by the crew and producers; creating an unnecessary burden on the crew to procure the actor’s favorite food, thereby wasting precious shooting time and resources; Not following the fixed time for shooting, whenever he feels like appearing on the set. The producer sometimes also had to pay crew fees and wait for the actors to arrive, so that the film could be completed on schedule.

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Rehmat Ullah claims that Shakib Khan fled to Bangladesh as he was busy taking care of the victim. The actor has not been able to be contacted till date since he left the country.


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