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Bakhmut: Ukraine vows to capture Bakhmut despite Russian attack – Usky News

BAKHMUT: Ukrainian troops defended the position on Wednesday Bakhmut The city comes amid sustained pressure from Russian forces to retake the city, which has been turned into a wasteland after seven months of fighting in eastern Ukraine. Both sides claimed success in what has become the longest-running war since Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine more than a year ago.
Ukrainian officials said ground forces of ukraine shot down a Russian fighter plane near Bakhmut and made gains in the northern parts of the city.
During this, Yevgeny Prigozhinmercenary founder Wagner GroupThe group that spearheaded the Russian assault on the city said in a social media post on Wednesday that Russian forces had taken control of the settlement of Zalizhanskoye and were expanding their encirclement of Bakhmut.
The claims could not be verified.
The fighting for Bakhmut intensified after Russian forces captured the nearby town of Soledar in January. Russian forces must break through Bakhmut to push deeper into parts of Donetsk province, although Western officials say capturing the city will have limited impact on the course of the war.
An assessment by the UK Ministry of Defense over the weekend said paramilitary units of the Wagner Group had seized eastern parts of Bakhmut, with a river flowing through the town marking the front line of the battle.
Russian troops have surrounded the city on three sides, with only a narrow corridor leading to the west. The only highway west has been targeted by Russian artillery fire, forcing Ukrainian defenders to rely increasingly on country roads, which are hard to access before the muddy ground dries out.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky The president’s office said the situation in Bakhmut was discussed with top military and intelligence officials on Tuesday and all agreed on the need to hold and defend the town.


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