Friday, March 24, 2023

Austin Butler credits ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for inspiring him to play Elvis English Movie News – Usky News

The Oscars and its after party is a chance for many celebrities to meet each other after a year of work and its vicissitudes. ‘Elvis’ star Austin Butler looked happy as he posed with new girlfriend Kaia Gerber. However, right after he posed for the paparazzi, Vanessa Hudgens, his ex-girlfriend of nine years, walked past while he was chatting with Sharon Stone. She appeared to ignore him, even though he recently credited her with inspiring him to play Elvis. Presley in the film Elvis which brought the actor international fame and even earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

The actor grew into his Elvis role so much that many say the lingering Elvis accent still hasn’t completely left him. He hastily corrected himself after initially saying that his current girlfriend, Kaia, advised him to play Elvis, receiving a lot of online criticism.

He recently clarified, “It’s true [that my partner at the time, Vanessa Hudgens, encouraged me to play Elvis], We were together for so long and he had such cathartic moments and so I really owe it to him for believing in me.


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