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Story: Sanjay (Naga Shaurya) and Anupama (Malavika Nair) are deeply in love with each other. But is it enough to carry on their relationship?

Review: Srinivasa in Avasarala Falana Abbai Falana Ammayi (PAPA) We have two of the most relatable characters ever brought to the silver screen. He takes us on a journey – years where they grow up together, sometimes apart, but with a love that never fades.

Sanjay (Naga Shaurya) meets Anupama (Malavika Nair) in college when they are both bright eyed youths in Vizag. They click, spend time together and soon form a bond that won’t let them stay apart. They even follow each other to UK for higher studies. Are they best friends? Is it more than just friendship? Neither the pair nor Srinivas are in a hurry to tag there.

We follow their lives as they look weary of the fresh-faced and innocent and sit quietly in the ruins of what once was. In a touching scene, Sanjay and Anupama see the people they were and let their silence speak louder than their words. He talks a lot, but doesn’t seem to know how to say the right thing until it’s too late. She has a bone to pick, she knows she deserves more.

The story that Srinivasa Aavasarala tells is as old as time. It’s hard not to relate because if you’ve ever been in love, you know what it’s like to feel the sweet pangs of longing. He doesn’t reinvent the wheel when a conflict comes their way, something that threatens to tear them apart – though it’s not quite as dramatic. Because Srinivas knows how to create moments without making a big deal.

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father This is the kind of movie that you will either love or hate. The narrative is non-linear, so when this story begins, we already know that things have gone wrong. If you’ve been paying attention, you can even guess why they went wrong. The only question that remains – will they end up together – and Srinivasa makes the journey enjoyable for the most part. Sure, a song in the beginning (Coffeefee) comes across as teenagers – but then again, these characters are at that stage of their lives as well. So, we’re just picking nits here.

Naga Shaurya really comes into his own as Sanjay as the film progresses. He tugs at your heartstrings especially towards the end of the film when he allows himself to be vulnerable. This is one of his best performances till date. Malavika molds Anupama in such a way that you cannot help but root for her. You want him to find happiness and love. father Shot in sync sound, a great choice as it helps the dialogue flow more naturally. The rest of the cast (including Srinivas Avasarala) did well. But it is Harino Rao as Neelima Ratnababu who takes the cake – he is hilarious.

There is nothing wrong with a piping hot plate of Biryani loaded with spices. But sometimes, you just crave a comforting bowl Muddappu Avakai – which is what father Is. Watch it if you are looking for a light hearted love story.


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