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Anand Ahuja accepts his shortcomings and praises Sonam Kapoor for being a full time mother to son Vayu Hindi Movie News – Usky News

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja have been enjoying every moment of their parenthood ever since they welcomed their baby boy Vayu on August 20, 2022. To his son Vayu.
“I must admit, and Sonam can attest, that emotional/social awareness is not exactly my strength. As a result, it has really taken me a while to see what @sonamkapoor has accomplished over the past 17 months (and really Even more time) Anand shared an adorable picture of Sonam holding Vayu in her arms and wrote, “To truly understand the levels of commitment and selflessness that go into being a full-time mother, take a step back to yourself and your baby.” Ensuring the best emotional and physical health.”

She continued, “In an age when we’ve all become accustomed to the immediate reward system, committing to motherhood really means giving endlessly over and above that system. It took a daughter, sister, and wife (and girlfriend) ) has also re-emphasised her responsibilities as a parent. :P) As she navigates making sure our son gets all the love, learning and blessings he can from our large family as he slowly- Slowly develops into the most unique individual with the wealth of our heritage and without the burden of any expectations.

“I know this is all cliche in a sense, so let me start by saying that I love seeing @sonamkapoor doing it all to appreciate the magic of motherhood. To @sonamkapoor and all the moms out there (and We all have some degree of motherhood in us even if not everyone is a ‘full time mom’ Happy Mother’s Day!! You are the root of life and love,” she concluded.

Sonam and Anand got married on 8 May 2018 after dating for a few years. While the family lives in London, Sonam travels to India frequently to meet her parents and fulfill her work commitments. She will next be seen in his upcoming film Blind.

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