Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Amid controversy over ad, Richa Chadha demands ‘arrest’ of boys who harassed girl on Holi. hindi movie news – Usky News

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha on Friday demanded the arrest of a group of boys who were caught on camera harassing a girl.
According to the viral Twitter post, the boys allegedly harassed a ‘Japanese tourist in India’ by gheraoing him, throwing Holi color at him, breaking an egg on his head and sprinkling paint on him.

“For those who were against #BHARATMATRIMONY Holi campaign. A Japanese tourist in India. Imagine your sister, mother or wife being treated like this in another county? Maybe you’ll understand then (sic) )” read the tweet.
Reacting to the post, Richa said, “Arrest these people.”

Several other videos of groups of boys teasing foreigners on the festival of Holi are going viral on social media. This came after some people objected to Bharat Matrimony’s latest commercial.

The video released on March 8, also marking International Women’s Day, shows how the harassment faced by women during Holi traumatizes them and prevents them from celebrating the festival of colours.

“This Women’s Day and Holi, let’s celebrate by creating safer and more inclusive spaces for women. It’s important to acknowledge the challenges women face in public spaces and build a society that respects their well-being today and forever Is.” Post.

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The video shows a woman’s face covered with different Holi colours. She then washes away only the colors to reveal a face full of bruises. These visuals were accompanied by the caption, “Some colors don’t wash easily. A third of women who have faced this trauma have stopped playing Holi.”

While some Twitter users lauded the brand for its social message, others criticized the brand for ‘hurting religious sentiments’.

The post led to a call by a section of social media users to ‘boycott’ the advertisement.


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