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Alia Bhatt feels mom’s guilt for leaving Raha at home for work: I can’t sit and complain that life is tough hindi movie news – Usky News

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor welcomed their first child, a daughter Raha, in November last year. Since then, the new parents are thoroughly enjoying the new phase in their lives. In her new interview, the actress talked about experiencing mother’s guilt about leaving her child at home for work as she continues to be a multi-tasker while maintaining a work-life balance.
“Yes, I have a lot of clutter in my head and I like to be on top of things. But as a mom, it’s a new experience, and anything new can be challenging. But when I have less energy One look at my baby and I have 1000 watts of energy. I chose to be an actor, a producer, an entrepreneur and a mother. So I can’t sit and complain and be like ‘life is hard’ But life is tough for everyone, life isn’t always going to be an easy path, Alia told Humans of Bombay. You just have to keep going, but a good night’s sleep is always my way to recovery.”

When Alia was asked about her mother’s guilt about leaving Raha at home to fulfill her work commitments, Alia said, “It’s a very regular feeling, and you just have to tell yourself that.” All that is needed is that you are doing your best. And of course, I think all big corporations/companies should give mothers maternity leave. This is something I would like to say out loud.

She further added that it is essential for mothers to take breaks for their mental health, which will ultimately help both the mother and her child in the long run. She gave her own example and said that her husband and family constantly checked on her and seemed to be doing the best she could.


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