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3rd among techies to become gig workers in future: study – Usky News

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Bengaluru: Gig working, which has been a talking point in the IT industry, is set to grow rapidly, says a survey.
The report, titled ‘Unlocking the power of the gig economy with cloud PCs’, has been done by management consulting firm zinnov And Microsoft, says that 35% of gig workers in India will be employed in the IT sector in the next three years, and a third of the workforce in the IT sector will be gig workers in the near future.
Zinnov and Microsoft surveyed nearly 20 large enterprises in the technology sector for the study. It noted that in the pre-pandemic world, more than half of gig workers were in the retail business and transportation sectors (mostly app-based ride-hailing services and last-mile delivery). But, it said, this changed in the wake of the pandemic, with finance and insurance, and gig workers in the information sectors seeing growth of 31% and 20% respectively.
“Cost savings, operational efficiency due to easy onboarding of these professionals, and easy deployment on projects are some of the reasons why companies want more gig workers,” Rajat KohliZinov’s partner told TOI.
Kohli says that companies are looking to hire gig workers to address customer as well as internal processes like HR functions. Apart from tech firms, even small and medium firms across sectors are looking to digitize, which is expected to provide opportunities for gig workers in the IT sector.
The report states that cloud technology, which has enabled a seamless transition to remote work, will be key in addressing the challenges of the gig economy.


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